At ProjExc we group our service offering into 3 broad categories:

  • PM Development Services (helping improve PM capability),
  • PM Resourcing Services (providing interim PM resources), and
  • Other PM Services

ProjExc PM Development Services:

Capability Development Model
Ensuring success with the right techniques, attitudes and behaviours.

ProjExc follow a proven capability development model for P3M in order to ensure client success. Following initial assessment and agreement of goals we use 3-steps to ensure that the right techniques are in place. These steps are process, tools and competence. We then work to ensure that the necessary behaviours are in place with adequate discipline & governance, and this is supported by the right level of coaching to ensure that the team has the necessary attitudes to ensure success.

In step 1 we use ‘process’ but you can think of it as a PM way of working or project management playbook. In any case, our services support your PM community regardless of whether you use Agile or more traditional modes of business. This article on our blog (What is Agile Project Management?) better explains our thinking.

During the client journey we ensure a mix of the right services is used from PM consultancy, PM audits and deep dives, coaching, tools & templates development, training, recruitment & onboarding support, and PMO Set-up.

ProjExc PM Resourcing Services include: interim PM resource provision, PM RecruitmentProject Expediting and Virtual PMO.

Other PM Services from ProjExc include:

Property Development made Easy
Organisational Resilience (business continuity) Planning


Case Studies

At ProjExc we are extremely proud of the work we do for our valued clients. We are also respectful of the confidentiality responsibilities we have as trusted advisors.  

Anyone thinking of engaging with a new consultancy will want to understand more about a typical client journey, and for that reason we share the following case studies for a number of sectors:

Case Study: Housing Association

“With this PM Way of Working we are delighted to be able to focus board & team attention on the right things at the right time. ProjExc did exactly what we asked of them, and working with them was a delight.”  Chief Executive

Case Study: Marketing Consultancy

“Applying project management in this common sense way has revolutionised how we do business and delights our clients and directors daily”.  Managing Director

Case Study: University

“ProjExc delivered this challenging project successfully using their multi-disciplined team to supplement our own as and when we needed it. The approach from ProjExc saved us so much time and money.  Pro Vice Chancellor

Case Study: FMCG Start-up

“We are delighted to have created, with help from ProjExc, what was considered by a major investment partners be a world-class PM capability, adding significant value to our business whilst supporting our team in their day-to-day work.” President & CEO

Case Study: Legal Firm

I didn’t realise that our work could be treated as projects – what a difference ProjExc has made to our bottom line.” Managing Partner

Case Study: Aerospace Manufacturer

Nothing beats expertise for cutting through to what matters.  Without ProjExc this would have taken us 3 times longer, and we still probably wouldn’t have come up with as good an outcome.” PMO Director

Case Study: Web Agency

“Our project management has been demystified, and there is now nowhere to hide.” Chairman

Case Study: Oil_and Gas Manufacturer

“As a result of successful turnaround of our PM function by ProjExc we not only managed to avoid losing a key client, they turned around and gave us more long term business.  Invaluable.” CEO

The case studies describe identified needs, ProjExc services provided, client journey and improvements seen.

As part of the early stages of an engagement we will happily introduce suitable individuals to help you make the right decision.