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At ProjExc we group our service offering into 2 broad categories:

  1. Development Services (helping develop your project management capability), and
  2. Resourcing Services (providing a short-term boost to your project management capability).

ProjExc PM Development Services

ProjExc follow a proven capability development model for P3M in order to ensure client success. Following initial assessment and agreement of goals we use 3 steps to ensure that your PM community have the right techniques. The 3 steps are process, tools and competence.

Capability Development Model
Ensuring success with the right techniques, attitudes and behaviours.

We then work to ensure that the necessary behaviours are in place with adequate discipline & governance, and this is supported by the right level of coaching to ensure that the team has the necessary attitudes to ensure success.

In step 1 we use the term ‘process’ but you can think of it as a PM way of working or project management playbook. Our services support your PM community regardless of whether you use agile or more traditional modes of business. This article on our blog (What is Agile Project Management?) better explains our thinking.

During your journey with us, we tailor our services to match your existing capability and agreed needs.

In addition to the pure consultancy, we also offer a broad range of services including:

ProjExc PM Resourcing Services

These include:

  • interim project, programme or portfolio management resource provision (for transformational change, client delivery, new product introduction and system integration).
  • Project or programme kick-start or recovery/turn-around,
  • PM Recruitment & onboarding support services,
  • Bid Management and Proposal Assistance,
  • Project Expediting, and
  • Virtual PMO services.

Other PM Services from ProjExc

These include:

Contact us today for a free and confidential discussion about your project or portfolio management challenges. Send an email or reach out on Twitter @ProjExc.

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