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Project Professional Recruitment & Onboarding Support Services

Many organisations consider recruitment to be a significant (c. £1m in the first five years) investment. With this perspective, it is vital to make sure that recruiting managers give themselves the best possible chance for success.

Get PM Recruitment Right with ProjExc
Get recruitment and onboarding right, every time.

ProjExc are not recruiters! We are experienced PM consultants and have employed hundreds of project professionals for ourselves, previous employers, and for our clients. We recognise what a huge investment you are making and therefore how important it is that you:

  • recruit the right person for your organisation, and
  • give them the best possible chance to succeed, once they arrive.

ProjExc uses a 2-stage method to help our clients minimise the risks associated with recruitment.

Define, Recruit, Onboard & Develop
Recruitment and onboarding services from ProjExc

Stage 1: Recruitment Support

We work with you to thoroughly define the perfect candidate by agreeing role competence models, and preparing a detailed role description & clear person specification.

These make it easier for:

  • the recruiter to find your ideal candidate,
  • candidates to understand what you’re looking for, and
  • you to filter through applications.

By engaging us, you bring an independent expert perspective to application assessment, shortlisting and interviews.

Stage 2: Onboarding Support

Once you’ve appointed the best of the bunch, the early months probationary period is critical to you and your new hire.

We work with the recruiting manager to ensure that onboarding is thoroughly planned and conducted. Onboarding, as well as meeting the basic hygiene factors, and ensuring that PM processes, tools and templates are well understood, sees that development needs are promptly identified and met. As a result, the new hire hits the road running and appreciates that they are valued.

We ensure that a personal development plan is agreed in the first week and periodically reviewed so that the conclusion of the probationary period is surprise-free for you and your hire. Our consultants are often also asked to provide coaching to the new hire.

If you feel that you might need some support, get in touch, and we can discuss how ProjExc might help.

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