Project Collaboration

Innovative ideas drive growth, productivity and value creation. Real innovation comes from the careful integration of these ideas, with technologies, and people. This is our world, and we can help you to reap the rewards from successful collaboration through great projects.

As well as speedy delivery and more income, effective team collaboration also delivers greater motivation, staff retention and shared knowledge.

Some innovation projects involve the collaboration of cross-functional teams from a single organisation, with common strategies, senior leadership, values, cultures, and tool-sets. For others it is necessary to bring together teams from more than one organisation. While many rightly focus on the integration of technology, successful outcomes also depend heavily on the coherence of the team.

ProjExc Innovation Eco System for Collaboration

Project Management is at the heart of Innovation

Well structured projects, supported by sound project management and strong project leadership provide the “glue” to bring the various contributors to successful collaboration together.

ProjExc can help.

Proposal Conductor. Proposals and bids are by definition projects (unique transient endeavours, undertaken to achieve desired outcomes), and yet too often they are not managed by individuals with professional project and collaboration management competence. If it’s important to win a bid, then it is of course important to project manage it. All ProjExc consultants are proven bid managers.

Proposal Content. Proposals are usually submitted in response to a formal ITT (invitation to tender) or RFQ (request for quotation). These documents very often contain a section on project management written by a project professional. Project managers will spot cues for specific information which others might easily miss. Project professionals from ProjExc have the tools to be able to easily pull together project plans (Dependency models, Gantt charts, timelines) and project management plans in such a way as to credibly demonstrate how a project team will deliver successfully. Take a look at our Bid Management Process.

Project Initiation. When you win the work, the foundations for success need to be laid rapidly, and you’ll need to hit the ground running. Project kick-off, team building, planning workshops, work package assignment, governance, stakeholder management, are needed and there’s no time to lose. ProjExc are here to help your project managers get going, or even to act as your project manager until they can give the time needed.

56% of failed projects are due to ineffective communication

Project Leadership

Leadership skills are essential for collaborative projects. ProjExc consultants have the toolkit to help your project manager to be a leader – to build trust, share information and share context. A good project management plan will share goals, and define roles & responsibilities. The PM will have a playbook which coherently brings together the best of the team’s workflows. We will support your PM to:
– Build a collaboration and communication rhythm,
– Provide clarity over team priorities, individual tasks and communication with a purpose.

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