Project Management can be a lonely business. Even with a big project team, the project manager is looked to as having all of the answers, and can feel unable to ask for support or advice. For a project manager new to a business, to a market place, or to the role, this can be especially true. Similarly managing the project may not be the project manager’s sole responsibility (it’s often not even their “day job”). They recognise the criticality of the project success to the business, but are often unsure of where to turn.

PRIDE Coaching Model

ProjExc provide PM Coaching to many of their clients providing planned or ad-hoc, face-to-face or telephone/online advice, guidance and support to boost confidence and performance. Terms of reference are agreed up front to ensure that the balance is set for transparency and confidentiality. We then use a recognised coaching model to ensure that your project teams are expertly supported in resolving their project or project management challenges.