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Many organisations, who recognise the vital contribution that project, program & portfolio (P3) management makes to their business success, have a PMO.

PMO stands for Project Management Office. Generally, PMOs will have three key responsibilities:

  • Administrative support & assistance for project managers,
  • Collection, assessment and reporting of project information, and
  • Assurance that project management processes are being used appropriately.
ProjExc PMO

In addition, the PMO will often actively contribute to resource management, knowledge management, project team coaching, governance and strategic planning.  In our experience, the function best delivers organisational benefit when structured to fit as an integral part of the existing organisation.

Setting up a PMO (project, programme or portfolio) can seem a daunting task. Where does one start? Who can be spared to drive through PMO establishment successfully? Having been through the experience themselves, ProjExc consultants will support clients to deliver this business change.  ProjExc will guide them through the challenges of finding appropriate process/methodologies, identifying, sourcing and implementing the right tools, and sourcing and integrating the right people with the right competence to make it all work together.

Using their proven techniques and thorough understanding of the subject, ProjExc has a scalable system for implementing a PMO for all types of organisation, big and small. Furthermore, they use the systems from their own PMO, to implement your PMO, an example of ProjExc practising what they preach.

Virtual PMO

Meeting Room

A number of our clients have used the ProjExc virtual PMO service to fill a gap while their own capability is being built. An increasing number make the decision to outsource the function completely with a scalable and cost-effective tailor-made service from ProjExc.

As well as helping project managers, our vPMO services can support project sponsor with:


  • Change Control
  • Exception management
  • Project performance review
  • Project reports review and authorisations
  • Support
  • Risks or RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies) review
  • Project plan monitoring
  • Approvals and sign off handling e.g. work packages


  • Management of the business case
  • Reviewing and defining structures and roles
  • Define project approach
  • Senior Management representative e.g. board meetings
  • Project team meetings chair
  • Authorisation of stages, parameters and exceptions
  • Escalated approvals and sign off handling

If you are interested to know more about how ProjExc might help your organisation, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Portfolio Management

ProjExc PfM Model
Portfolio Management Model

For more information about our approach to Portfolio Management and how it can help act as an early warning system take a look at this post: Using Portfolio Management as an early warning system.

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