At ProjExc we will start to help your organisation to develop its Project Management Capability with a systems review/capability assessment, finding what’s right for your business, rather than forcing you into prescriptive ways.

We work with what we call the 3 elements for project success – tools, processes and people. The review report will highlight the quick wins and longer term development targets that we identify.

Using the recommendations from the report, you will be able to successfully progress through appropriate methodology selection, process development & tailoring, together with suitable project management tool identification and implementation.

This works hand-in-hand with our effective development of the relevant people in your organisation through an appropriate mix of competence assessment, and structured competence development using facilitated team development. We can mix workshops, training events, e-learning and individual development & coaching, all with measured results.

Our holistic approach to developing your project management people is not limited to the “harder” core PM competence. We prefer to blend in “softer” people & behavioural skills such as leadership, motivation and relationship management.

We can also enhance your capability further by supporting the recruitment of PM resources with requirement profiling, candidate sourcing, initial filtering, and facilitated assessment centres.

We find that clients engage us at various stages in the project lifecycle:

Project Planning – when a project is just so business critical that it must be right first time. ProjExc have specific products for kick-starting important projects.

During Execution – when some early warnings are indicating deviation from plan. Again we have specific products for improving live project performance – usually this involves reacting to “plug a gap” at the same time as pro-acting to get things back on track for the remainder of the project.

Project Review – sometimes it is beneficial to have ProjExc independently facilitate a review of how the project went and identify lessons learnt. We provide objective data for continuous improvement.

If you want more information, or just a chat about any project management development issue, call us on 0121 222 5744.