PM Resourcing

Much of our client work is classic consultancy, but we do occasionally offer some PM resource. It is important that we practice what we preach. Managing projects keeps our experts and consultants fresh, bringing “best practice” to real projects and consulting assignments alike.

Our outsourced project management specialists usually work for you on a part-time basis giving you access to skilled expertise as you need it, and saving you overheads when you don’t. We might help you to: get a critical project off to a flying start, dive in to steer a troubled project or a complex programme, or provide a virtual PMO service. We can also expertly support your PM recruitment and onboarding activity, assisting you to get the right people in, up, and running.

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We have considerable experience in most sectors & industries, and are regularly engaged in all project “types”, namely:


Transformational Change Projects
e.g. new system introduction; relocation, business restructuring, cost reduction projects, bid management, or strategic planning/reviews.

Delivery Project

Client Delivery Projects (sometimes called jobs or contracts)
e.g. software or equipment development & rollout, web design, volume purchase, or manufacturing deliveries.

New Product Development
Product Development

Product Development Projects
i.e. tangible, service or system solution products through all stages of the development lifecycle.

System integration
System Integration

System Integration Projects
e.g. multi-vendor, multi-platform integration systems, collaboration.

Learn more about the specific ProjExc services for boosting your project management capability, or contact us today for a free and confidential discussion about your project or portfolio management resource challenges. You can call us on 0121 222 5744, send an email or reach out on Twitter @ProjExc.

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