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Welcome to ProjExc PM Consulting

ProjExc helps businesses to deliver the value they expect from their projects, programmes and portfolios. Unlike most PM consultants, we help demystify project management. We share with you the right mix of techniques, behaviours and attitudes that high-performing organisations employ to succeed. Our work with you results in more of your projects meeting more of their objectives, and most importantly delivering the value you expect, when you need it.

We believe each organisation is unique, so we don’t have fixed views on which methodologies, frameworks, systems or tools you should use. Instead, we quickly gain an understanding of what makes you unique, what you have, and what you need. We then build on that with you. We’ve worked with many types of organisation, big and small, international and local, in most industries, delivering step-change improvements in project performance.

Helping your Project Managers

Our consultants, PM advisors, and coaches adapt proven techniques to provide you with the right mix of workflows, tools, competences and disciplines to ensure that you realise the benefits expected from your projects. We treat this as a transformation project which we manage end-to-end, demonstrating the outputs as we go.

Project Excellence PM Playbook - Plan, Execute, Control & Report, and Review & Close

Providing your Project Managers

Much of our client work is classic consultancy, but we do occasionally offer some PM resource (usually on a part-time basis). We work as outsourced project management specialists giving you access to skilled expertise as you need it, and saving you overheads when you don’t. We might help you to get a critical project off to a flying start, dive in to steer a troubled project, or provide a virtual PMO service. We can also expertly support your PM recruitment and onboarding activity, assisting you to get the right people in, up, and running.

Looking to the Future

Projects are strategic initiatives which must create value through transformational change. We don’t believe in jumping onto the latest “bandwagon” just for the sake of it. We do, however, carefully monitor trends and research. This way, we are continuously improving our advice and, most importantly, the delivery of your project value.

Project, Program & Portfolio Management (P3M) is widely recognised as one of the pre-eminent business skills of the 21st century. A complex and constantly changing competitive business environment demands a professional and reliable approach to change, development and delivery. Project leaders in the 2020s must be much more than traditional project managers. They need to manage the inevitable volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) to deliver successfully. They must do this with agility and clearly communicated direction.


In our opinion, the project management profession has, over time, made project management very complicated. Sometimes it may have lost sight of that need for focus on delivering value while overseeing transformation. At the same time, with the “projectification of society“~, there are many more project managers than specialist project professionals, and increased expectations on project managers or transformational leaders to behave as sub-enterprise CEOs or “mini-MDs”. It is essential to support these entrepreneurs to maintain their momentum and deliver value whilst also protecting them and their organisation with just the right level of tools and governance.

RPA to ML to AI to IA

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA)

AI in Project Management is in its infancy. Still, there are emerging opportunities for augmentation in project management, e.g. for some of the more administrative project tasks (scheduling, reminders, follow-ups, monitoring or reporting) to be done by technology. These allow project leaders to focus on adding real value and leadership. Similarly, there are clear opportunities from predictive analytics like observations, predictions, suggestions, coaching and compliance. We are actively exploring these opportunities for our clients.


Sustainability is a critical world issue, and many projects play a major part. ProjExc are proud signatories to UK Project Managers Declare. Where possible we seek to strengthen our collective ways of working to create project outcomes that have a more positive impact on the world around us.

Make Contact & Deliver More Value

Whether your organisation is large with dedicated project professionals, or an SME with individuals tasked with project management as part of their role, ProjExc can help. We are here to support and empower you and your leaders with straightforward, tailored project playbooks. Our Project Excellence PM Playbook™ equips project managers with the necessary scalable techniques, tools, templates, competence models, behaviours and attitudes for success.

Project Excellence PM Playbook Templates - PID, PMP, PPR, PC & PCR

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~ Futurists predict that we will see more change in the 2020s than we have in the last 250 years.

** COVID-19 Update: while we prefer working with our clients wherever they are, we are well accustomed to remote working in whatever way works best for you and your team for pretty much all of the services we provide. We regularly make full use of communication & collaboration tools including FaceTime, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Webex and many more.