Project, Program & Portfolio Management (P3M) is well recognised as one of the pre-eminent business skills of the 21st century. A complex and constantly changing competitive business environment demands a professional and reliable approach to change, development and delivery.

There is significant evidence from numerous organisations and learned bodies showing that around 70% of UK business projects fail to meet their objectives. Missed objectives mean that valuable benefits or outcomes are not being fully realised. However, lots of research shows clear evidence that a small number of high performing organisations achieve much higher rates of project success.

ProjExc works with organisations who can’t afford to leave the success of their projects to chance. We show our clients how to cut through the ‘noise’ and unnecessary complexity, and do the right things, consistently well, time-after-time. We help any business, regardless of their size, to use the proven, scalable techniques and so ensure project success.

Our clients avoid the embarrassment and unnecessary cost of project failure, ensuring that they realise the benefits of their investments, faster, and more effectively.

At ProjExc we help our clients to do this in 2 ways, either by helping their project managers or by being their project managers.

Helping your Project Managers (PM Development)

ProjExc project management consultants take a simple, common sense 3-step approach to ensuring the success of your project managers.

Step 1 Make sure that you have the project processes, that are right for your business, in place,

Step 2 Make sure that the right templates and tools are in place, and finally,

Step 3 Make sure that your project managers have the competence to use those processes and tools.

We then follow-up to help make sure that the systems (processes and tools) are embedded into your orgnisation, and that there is sufficient discipline to ensure that they are actually being used appropriately.

Being your Project Managers (PM Resourcing)

ProjExc are able to provide 1st class interim project and programme managers on a full or part-time basis, which leaves you free to focus on your business as usual while we remain focused on ensuring that your project or program delivers your desired outcomes. In turn this allows you to confidently realise the benefits from the project investment.