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Projects are a part of life for every sector and industry, yet fewer than one third meet their objectives. We know that when the people leading projects do the right things well, success rates soar. Meeting your goals earlier, and at less cost makes a huge difference to your organisation. This is what drives us at ProjExc.

Project Management Capability Development
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We help you do the project management things that high performing organisations do, whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

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The home of people-centric transformational strategic change, project expertise and technology advice.

Project Management Resourcing Services
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Lean on our outsourced project management specialists as you need them, and save on fixed costs when you don’t.

ProjExc helps businesses to deliver the value they expect from their projects, programmes and portfolios.

Unlike most PM consultants, we help demystify project management. We share with you the right mix of techniques, behaviours and attitudes that high-performing organisations employ to succeed.

Our work with you results in more of your projects meeting more of their objectives, and most importantly delivering the value you expect, when you need it.

Project Collaboration

Real innovation comes from the careful integration of ideas, technologies, and people. This is our world, and we can help you to reap the rewards from successful collaboration through great projects.

Do Something Different

Insanity is doing the same things again, and yet expecting a different outcome.

Albert Einstein
Helping SMEs Compete

We act as a bridge, bringing big business project management techniques and applying them in an SME context. We do this with understanding, care and a good helping of common sense.

ProjExc can prepare a unique “PM Playbook” to help your organisation consistently do the right things to ensure your project success.

ProjExc make freely available project management resources, templates, documents, articles, and much more. For a limited time, sign-up for our free email newsletter and download your copy of the Project Excellence PM Playbook containing guidance and templates that you can start using right now.


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We’ve been helping large and small organisations improve their results, by developing their PM capabilities from our Birmingham offices since 2005.

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