PM Capability

How is the Project Management Capability in your Organisation?

To help organisational leadership better understand their project management capability we have created a simple, online, self-assessment tool.

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The tool is structured in such a way as to provide 2 additive benefits:

Don’t know what you don’t know?

Firstly, by working through the questions candidly, you will instantly benefit from a self-assessment, enabling you to rapidly understand any obvious gaps in your capability.

Take action

Secondly, we will follow up with a no-obligation, personalised diagnostic report, prepared by our experts. We will email the report to you, suggesting some quick wins, some longer-term development goals, and some information on what high performing organisations do to make sure that their projects have the best chance for success.

Realise Benefits

Follow-up on the proposed actions and you will be able to confidently start the journey to improved project success and unlocked value.

Take the ProjExc PM Capability Assessment now.

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