Bid Management

ProjExc’s project management experts can take away the discomfort often associated with bid or proposal management by:

  • confidently guiding your team through the process,
  • helping pull together a winning plan for delivery, and
  • training your team on the bid management process.
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Win More Work

A bid or proposal is, by it’s nature, a short project. ProjExc experts can:

  • manage bid projects for you, or
  • support and coach your bid managers using proven techniques and tools.

We make sure the bid team is aligned, and that preparation is not back-loaded, thus avoiding those stressful overnight last-minute pushes to meet the submission deadline.

Manage the Bid Process

The collaboration necessary to pull together a winning bid submission is a competence based in proven project management techniques.

The content and input to your submission will heavily rely on subject matter experts (sales, marketing, product, development, operations, etc.). Similarly, professional bid management is deeply rooted in project management techniques.

Typically the bid management process will include the following, punctuated by a number of reviews or stage gates commonly known as the blue, red and gold reviews :

  • RFQ assessment
  • Proposal planning
  • Bid kick-off
  • Proposal document preparation & submission
ProjExc Typical Bid Management Process: qualification to contract award with milestones
A typical bid management process

The preparation of your bid will need to be planned meticulously. The activity of the bid team, starting with the initial bid/no bid review, and following through the various review gates to final submission will need to be monitored and controlled carefully. Finally after submission you will need to review the bid project, learning lessons of what should be repeated and what should be avoided in future bids.

Present a Credible Plan

With clients increasingly seeing professional project management as less of a competitive advantage and more of a basic competitive requirement, it is more important to demonstrate strong project management alongside your other capabilities. The proposal provides a genuine, and often missed, opportunity to shine.

A bid with a credible project management section in the response is proven to be much more successful.

Project plans, project management plans, and demonstration of a thorough understanding of how project management will be used to maximise potential for success and value realisation is often seen as a considerable and important competitive advantage.

ProjExc often support organisations in defining project management needs in Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and in assessing the responses. We can therefore ably support you in making sure you:

  • thoroughly understand the expectations
  • have the bases covered,
  • demonstrate your capability in the best possible light.

Solid, demonstrable plans also enable the project to get-off to the best possible start, hitting the road running once you receive contract award.

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