At ProjExc, we are often asked to provide Project Management Training. Strategically, we do not wish to compete in the training space, when there is such a vast range of excellent, great value specialist project management trainers available.

We do though have a small number of laser-focused training packages which we have developed in response to our not being able to find the right solutions “off-the-shelf” including:
* PM Foundations,
* Project Sponsor Workshops, and
* Project Planning Workshops.

PM Training

Typically we will help our clients to:
* define and model the project management competence development (we look at skills and experiential learning) needed for their organisation,
* measure the existing competence,
* agree the gap, and then
* help them to source the right training to fill that gap.

If needed we can then facilitate the program delivery and measure competence improvements achieved and provide post learning coaching to help draw out the optimum business benefits as well as personal benefits. Often this is all seamlessly integrated with the appraisal or performance management systems existing within the organisation.

If needed, ProjExc consultants can often provide advice and signposting on how to access funding and grants to support competence development.

ProjExc at all times seek to maintain independence from the training providers, allowing us to offer the very best advice to our clients. That said, when requested, we can bring to the table a number of trusted professional training organisations, with whom we have worked for some time, and negotiated preferential rates for ProjExc clients. If needed, ProjExc will work with training companies on our client’s behalf, providing a one-stop seamless approach to competence development and great value for money.