PM Tools

Finding, Choosing & Deploying the Right Tools

When an organisation has the best project processes in place, they will naturally need the best (most appropriate) tools in place to maximise the efficiency of the process and provide the right information to stakeholders.

Different organisations and different project types need different tools, and there are often legacy systems to take into account.

It is however crucially important to find the right tools to support the process, rather than modifying a business process to fit the tool.

ProjExc consultants have plenty of experience and a huge database of all kind of project management tools. We can support you as you work through the journey:

  • Helping to prepare a long-list of possible tools
  • Guiding you through information gathering, and short-listing
  • Assisting in the procurement process and selection, and
  • Supporting the deployment change project, ensuring that the expected benefits are realised.

For some organisations, deploying the right PM tool can be a big investment. As well as supporting your development of the business case, ProjExc consultants can often provide signposting on how to access funding and grants to support the purchase and deployment of the tools.

Big Selection

Each time we trawl the market there is a huge array of tools out there (the last count exceeded 200), and they are all evolving quickly, with new entrants joining and leaving the market place on what feels like a daily basis.

Some PM Tools

So that we can best support our clients, we maintain the database and have it broken down into 4 broad categories:

  • Enterprise Project Management (EPM) or Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Specialist Tools,
  • Agile Tools.

We also have details of a rapidly growing number of tools which use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost the performance of the tool & the PM community.

You can find more information and news on the latest PM Tools over on our sister website for project managers, PM Advisor.

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