What is a Project?

John Williams In December 2019 we did a little campaign demonstrating that not every organisation labels a project as such. ProjExc is a project management consultancy. We’ve been leading projects, and helping organisations to do their project management better for decades. It’s not surprising that we know what a project is. Occasionally we are reminded… Read More

Projecting the Future: APM’s Big Conversation around the future of the project profession

Association for Project Management (APM), the chartered body for the project profession, has embarked on a “Big Conversation”, encouraging project professionals to consider the future of the project profession and the challenges it is likely to face. Launched in 2019, the APM has embarked on a conversational journey, encouraging the profession to look at 6… Read More

Using Portfolio Management as an Early Warning System

An important component of Portfolio Management, which is often either forgotten or not adequately considered, is regular independent snapshot reporting. Snapshot reporting can be an extremely effective early warning system for projects, programs and portfolios. Portfolio Management A portfolio is a group of projects and/or programs. Depending on the type of organisation, the portfolio may… Read More

What is a project?

It is still a surprise when we’re talking with those who are not knowingly part of the project profession, how many don’t realise they have projects in their world. More importantly they don’t realise that if they did recognise their projects as such, and applied some PM techniques they have the potential to realise better… Read More

The 3 Elements for Project Success

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 10-Oct-13 On Wednesday 30th October our Founder, John Williams, will be talking to APM Midlands members about the 3 Elements for Project Success. The participative session will explore what makes project managers successful, and how to make effective use of readily available methodologies, tools and resources.… Read More

What is a Programme Manager?

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 11-Jul-13 (for the purpose of simplicity in this post, program=programme) The definition varies quite significantly between industries and even organisations, and to some extent appears to vary depending on understanding of what programmes are. Looking at recognised programme and project management bodies the definition of a… Read More