The 3 Elements for Project Success

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 10-Oct-13

On Wednesday 30th October our Founder, John Williams, will be talking to APM Midlands members about the 3 Elements for Project Success.

The participative session will explore what makes project managers successful, and how to make effective use of readily available methodologies, tools and resources. The session is suitable for all levels of the project management profession from project administrators through to CFOs and CEOs.

John recognises that today project managers work in an environment of increasing expectation, and yet despite the availability of numerous methodologies, toolsets and competency frameworks, project objective failure rates are static at around 66%. He explores what successful project managers do differently and use to help them?

Leveraging on the knowledge and experience of John and the audience, the interactive session will explore what competences and behaviours help make project managers successful.

He will then move on to look at what essential tools they should have to support the necessary behaviours for success. During the session participants will consider a pragmatic implementation & use of appropriate methodologies. They will explore the breadth and depth of available tools (paper based, device bound, cloud and server), as well as considering other available resources, formal and informal, internal and external.

Attendees will doubtless leave this fast-paced and thought provoking session with practical ideas for making their projects more successful, as well as the sense of how to access wide and ever-growing networks from which they can draw help and guidance as needed in the future.
Members and non-members (fees apply) are welcome. More details can be found on the APM website.

If you are unable to make it, but would like John to come and give a free talk to your organisation on how to improve project success contact us. Alternatively you may like to join one of our forthcoming free PM Answers online workshops – pre-register your interest on our PM Advisor website and we’ll let you know when more places become available.

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