How to Ensure your Strategic Initiative Succeeds

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 09-Dec-13

A Project Needs A Manager
No self-respecting business leader in the 21st century would consider delivering a project without a project manager (PM). The nominated PM may not be a project management professional, but regardless they will be expected to plan the project, oversee the execution of the project and bring it to a successful conclusion. Success will most likely be described in terms of deliverables meeting a specification, within a pre-determined budget and in an agreed timeframe.

Strategic Initiative = Project
All too often we see critical strategic initiatives proceeding without a clearly defined owner. The strategic initiative has not been described or considered as a project, even though it is*, and as such PM has not been nominated.

Manage The Project
The PM will define and plan the project, share that plan and keep it up to date. They will track progress against the plan and report in that progress, and finally they will bring the project to a neat conclusion ensuring handover for an operational mode.

Get Expert Help
A super way to get the project off to a great start is to bring in an interim PM to help with the initial plan for the project and put in place reporting methods, and then allowing someone from your team to follow the plan. This can be a very cost effective way of making sure you reduce the risk of failure.

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