Frustrated by Project Failure?

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 22-Sep-08

Every day we come across more reasons for project failure, and it’s rare that they can’t be boiled down into a small number of headings. We were interested to see a summary of 5 reasons on the Project Management Hut blog recently:

  1. Executive Level Non-Support. All executives must stand behind the project plan if it can have any chance for success.
  2. Improper Staffing. I have never seen a project succeed when overtime is pre-scheduled into the plan. Outside resources or consultants are the best alternative when in-house staff resources are inadequate.
  3. Poor Project Management. Very few skilled managers ever get the opportunity to manage a project from inception to completion. As a result, most assigned project managers lack the experience in handling the broad range of problems that arise during the course of a project.
  4. Unreasonable Completion Dates. Management in its wisdom will declare target completion dates, or worse…deadlines, even before a project plan is constructed.
  5. Poor Project Planning. While many tools exist to assist in this process, it is the analysis of an experienced project manager that is needed to develop the plan and smooth out its deficiencies.

Our experience is that failure usually falls under 3 headings:

  1. Lack of adequate planning
  2. Lack of control & communication during the execution of the project
  3. Failing to review the project and jumping headfirst into the next one without learning important lessons

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