Project Leadership

Project Management is widely recognised as a critical factor in project success. ProjExc firmly believe that competence in project leadership is an essential part of any successful project manager’s toolkit.


The Project Leader needs to be able to:
* Develop the project vision
* Build the project management team and lead the team through the key steps of the project management process
* Lead the project team through the four stages of team development (Storming, Forming, Norming and Performing)
* Demonstrate excellent communication skills: verbal, both one-on-one and with a group, and written skills.
* Understand and use interpersonal relationship skills such as constructive feedback, conflict resolution, managing individual styles and personalities
* Demonstrate high level facilitation skills
* Be skilful at influencing, persuading and negotiating across the organisation and removing obstacles for the team
* Have the ability to accept criticism, feedback and input from others
* Use skills in using tools and approaches such as brainstorming, organising, decision making, project management, conflict resolution, and so on.
* Sell and promote the project both within and often outside the organisation.

Recognising this, ProjExc have developed a number of project leadership development modules which can be structured around the specific needs of a business to provide a tailored project leadership programme. Typically these fall into 2 broad categories, i.e.
* Team Communication and Relationship Building, and
* Creating a High Performing Project Team.

Contact us to see how ProjExc can help your project leaders of today and tomorrow.

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