Project Management Software – Beware the Coach Before the Horses

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 27-Aug-09

There are some excellent project management tools out there, both in the traditional licenced applications space and in the already crowded Project Management software as a service (SaaS) or ‘cloud applications’ arena.

At ProjExc Project Management Consultants we are often asked what is the best tool. As is often the case this little question deserves a bigger answer. We have experienced that it is critically important to first define how project management is (or should be) done in a business. At that stage it is appropriate to search the market for the right tool to support what makes the business special and successful. Sadly all too often we are invited in after the business has already been committed to buying the tool, despite what it needs to do not having been identified.

We are constantly watching what is new on the market, and a new SaaS application has come to our attention this week. Project Minder from IRIS looks good. It has a nice interface, we like the look of the GANTT chart (this matters to a lot of people) and applaud their attention has also considered resource utilisation. Sadly to the best of our abilities we have not yet found the pricing on the website (without unleashing their sales team), and in our experience that means that there is some bad news to hide.

As mentioned it is launching in a busy space occupied by the likes of BaseCamp, Huddle, Liquid Planner, Pelotonics, Wizehive, Wrike, and a whole lot more. Many of these are going through significant updates at present so in the next few months there may be a lot more option open to those who want to use some straightforward tools to improve the success of their projects. We are working though an article for our Project Management Portal reviewing many of these tools in more detail, and if you would like us to include your favourite tool, do drop us a line with some details.

If you are looking at systemising your project management in order to improve visibility and success rates, then call us to arrange a free, no obligation, discussion on what you need and how best you might achieve it in the most cost effective way.

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