How to Hire the Right Project Managers

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 01-Sep-09

We are now reading that the recession is over and we need to be investing for growth. That means you need great project managers. How do you find the right people?

First and foremost you want to find a person that has a genuine passion for project management, but a leaning to project leadership. Don’t look for technical skills (which will divert the manager from the project objectives), but do look for project management skills, i.e. someone who knows how to eat an elephant, how to ask the right questions, and is a great communicator, with common sense. Find a team player, with proven leadership qualities.
In search for this ideal candidate you will of course need to prepare a person specification and a role description.

Our project management resourcing service can provide 1st class outsourced project managers on a full or part-time basis, or if you want to invest in an employee for the long term we can help recruit project managers and coach project managers through their induction to get them up and running in a time served manner.

If you need help investing for your growth, contact the ProjExc – the Birmingham project management consultants  or email with your number for a call back.

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