Project Management Matters

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 20-Apr-09
The current turmoil in the world economy is taking recognition of Project Management as a core business competence to a new level. The fundamental principles are fairly stable, but the knowledge of how to apply them remains in high demand.

Over recent years, Project management has grown into a vital tool for success as we have often observed. Driven through necessity in the current climate, trends such as fewer management layers, greater flexibility, and more project-based work have made structured project management much more critical.

Project Management has abandoned its historic homes in ‘big’ industries (e.g. construction, engineering and aerospace) to transform the service, financial, computer, and general management sectors.  Did you know that in the UK alone, more than £250 billion is spent on projects every year, yet as the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) tells us something like 70% fail to meet their objectives.

At ProjExc we take a 3-step approach to helping businesses in these sectors improve their project management capabilities:

1. Methods,
2. Tools, and then
3. Competence.
We use our experience of the big businesses and help scale it to suit those who need it to thrive it these challenging times.

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