Professional Project Management – Introduction for Business Leaders

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 15-Jun-09

The Challenge.

ProjExc PM Consulting work with business leaders who are frustrated because their projects fail to meet their objectives*2, are anxious about the risks that they are taking in their projects, concerned about cash-flow, or just desperate to get a competitive edge. Most SME business owners/leaders recognise that project management is the pre-eminent business capability of the 21st Century. They may even offer project management as part of their service, but are put-off from bringing proven techniques into their business either by concerns about cost or a fear of additional administrative overhead/burden.
The Good News.
ProjExc have techniques, which not only work for big businesses like BP, Tesco & Nokia (to name but a few) but are also proven to be totally scalable to the SME market, regardless of whether they are looking at business change, new product development or client delivery projects. What’s more, ProjExc have found a way of packaging this capability for SME owners for just £1,000. That buys true competence development for a director in the form of skill acquisition and experiential learning, meaning that the benefits are more quickly and sustainably recognised quickly.
A Unique Opportunity.
This innovative development package includes:
•Project Management capability audit & report
•1:1 Project Management introduction workshop
•Computer based training, and examination for, the APM*3 Introductory Certificate
•10 hours of access to a ProjExc project management coach, to help put the knowledge into practice efficiently.
For your peace of mind, ProjExc are so confident of their methods that they provide a 1,000% return on investment guarantee, and amazingly, you may even be eligible to gain funding through business link under their director training programme.
Benefits to your Business.
•Gain a clear understanding of where the project management gaps are in your business,
•Quickly plug those gaps, and improve the outcomes from your projects – delivering what your customers want, on time, and within budget,
•Rapidly and significantly improve profitability and customer satisfaction,
•Position your business to take advantage of growth as we come out of recession.
Find Out More.
To take advantage of this unique opportunity for you and your business contact John Williams directly by calling or email
For more information about ProjExc visit our website:
1. ProjExc are a small specialist project and programme management company based at the Innovation Centre at Longbridge Technology Park in Birmingham. Their consultancy work takes a 3 step approach to ensuring project success which starts with finding the right methods for project management within a business, then sources the right tools to fit with those methods, and then ensures that the competence is in place to use those methods and tools.
2. UK national and international project success rates are staggeringly low. Latest research (Standish Group 2009) suggests that only 32% of business projects meet their objectives, 44% are challenged (late, over-budget or out of scope) and a staggering 24% fail (cancelled before completion or completed and never used).

3. APM is the UK Association for Project Management.
4. This offer is supported by BusinessLink West Midlands and for a limited period only.

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