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Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 15-Apr-08
Project Excellence is increasingly becoming the key to business success. We often work with our clients on a “three-legged stool” model of project excellence and how to keep the balance right for business projects:
Element 1 – Processes
The first of the 3 elements of project excellence (and so business success) is getting the process or methodology right. Balance is critical. Too simple and there is no benefit, too complex and no-one can follow it.
Element 2 – Tools
The second of the 3 elements is equipping project managers with appropriate tools and templates. We consider the scope of these tools, their purpose and how to avoid common pitfalls (like buying an expensive tool that doesn’t fit the business process). On our PM Portal we list many of the PM tools which we commonly come across in our consultancy work.
Element 3 – People (Usually Leadership)
Finally, the people angle. It is imperative that project managers are given the skills appropriate to achieving success. It sounds simple but this critical element is all too often overlooked. In addition to the usual “hard” project management skills (planning, estimating, reporting, risk management, quality management, ….) we find that leadership and client relationship management are an increasingly critical element in the competence toolkit.
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