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Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 10-Apr-08

At ProjExc we recognise that by the time a vacancy has been created, there is a need to source the best candidates (permanent or interim) quickly and efficiently. We offer a package of established and proven techniques, tools and templates, enabling rapid identification of the ideal candidate, thus allowing our clients to confidently kick-start the recruitment process rapidly.

At all times we seek to maintain independence, allowing us to offer the very best advice to our clients. That said, when time is against us, it’s sometimes critical that we can bring to the table a trusted source of great candidates, from a recruiter with a shared understanding of what a good project manager looks like, and a great pool of candidates just waiting to get that call.

For that reason, ProjExc are delighted to have teamed up with Pyramid8, a specialist Project Manager Recruiter, with whom we have worked for some time, and negotiated preferential rates for ProjExc clients. If needed, ProjExc will work with Pyramid8 on our client’s behalf, providing a one-stop seamless approach and great value for money.

Our recruitment support isn’t limited to Project Managers. We can also help establish project support teams and PMO’s. If you are interested, do give us a call.

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