Project Management – must have skill for the future?

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 15-Mar-08
Faster, better, cheaper. We have all experienced these being the drivers for businesses as they seek to improve operational efficiency. Our world is changing and shrinking, and so incremental improvement no longer guarantees competitive advantage.
In our experience, business leaders are looking for a new model for success by deploying step changes, creating a capability to implement the strategic imperatives of their organisation. Big business is now embodying a business model where a programme/project director is on the board, responsible for delivering change as it is needed. They oversee the choice and deployment of business changes that deliver competitive advantage consistently, quickly and accurately. As such Project and Programme Managers can be seen as the “Creator of Competitive Advantage” and bring their skills to the boardroom not just the backroom.
At ProjExc we do provide that resource on an interim basis (full or part-time) for businesses, but more importantly, we help organisations to build the capability up for themselves. That in our view is critical, because the competitive advantage of today is the basic competitive requirement of tomorrow.
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