10 Useful Lists for Project Managers

Originally posted on the ProjExc Project Excellence Blog on 17-Mar-08
I am getting close to publishing my favourite 10 lists to help project managers. It changes regularly, and there are lots to choose from. While we have a number of our own that we’ve built up at ProjExc, there are also some great lists out there as well. I recently spotted 2 on the techrepublic.com blogs by Tom Mochal which are worthy of mention:
10 Processes to Sharpen your PM Skills:
1.Define the project
2.Plan the work
3.Manage the workplan
4.Manage issues
5.Manage scope
6.Manage risks
7.Manage communication
8.Manage documentation
9.Manage quality
10.Manage metrics
Lists in themselves are not going to change the world, but as a quick checklist (backed up by some real skills and experience) they can be extremely useful to an individual juggling a number of balls. This 1st list could well fall into this category.
The 2nd list takes a different tack – I can see it has its uses when someone is being asked to perform the role of project manager as a bolt-on responsibility. I’m just not sure how many people would judge themselves honestly, particularly when a bonus may be dependent on taking on the task. Perhaps the best use of a list like this would be for an assigning line manager to consider the exhibited attributes of an individual before asking them to take on the PM role
10 signs that you are not cut-out to be a project manager:
1.You are a poor communicator
2.You don’t work well with people
3.You prefer the details
4.You don’t like to manage people
5.You don’t like to follow processes
6.You don’t like to document things
7.You like to execute and not plan
8.You prefer to be an order taker
9.You are not organised
10.You think project management is overhead
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